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작성일 : 12-10-04 10:17
[호주/Shafston Coex Special]
 글쓴이 : 유학불…
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Shafston is pleased to announce a COEX special promotion for Korean students
from 1 October 2012

NO Application Fee

Enrol at Brisbane or Gold Coast for 8weeks and get 1 extra week for FREE


Enrol at Brisbane or Gold Coast for 15 weeks and get 2 extra weeks for FREE



Free Job Ready Program or Barista Training
Free RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)
Free Access to myEnglish Student Portal
Free orientation and student introduction booklet
Free assessment tests
Free Shafston Library membership
Free Shafston Clubs
Free WiFi internet access – campus and room
Free access to Shafston computer labs
Free access to the Shafston Swimming pool (Brisbane, Gold Coast if resident of BWB)
Free access to the Shafston Tennis court (Brisbane, Gold Coast if resident of BWB)
Free access to Shafston sport equipment (soccer, table tennis, badminton & more)
Free access to Shafston Fitness Centre


This offer is valid for all applications received
by 31 October 2012


Shafston day time English courses are 25 hours a week face to face from Monday through to Friday. For commencement dates and course availabilities please refer to the 2012 application form.


For more information please visit our website or contact us by email at info@shafston.edu or by telephone on +61 7 3249 4101.

Shafston College